Manca Izmajlova (pronounced “Mantsa Izmaylova”) is a Slovenian mezzo-soprano, known for her versitility, the soft timbre of her voice and powerful emotional performance. 

In her career Manca Izmajlova has performed all around the world, in more than 1200 performances. She sings in several genres (opera, traditional songs, musical theatre, jazz) in 24 languages. 

Best known for her classical crossover project "The Slavic Soul" (Slovanska duša), a unique collection of songs from 13 Slavic countries and cultures, recorded in thrilling new orchestrations, with Russian State Symphony Cinema Orchestra.

The album was released in 2006 and was almost immediately sold out, achieved platinum sale in Slovenia and was soon after published in Asia, titled Far Away. The original edition included songs from eight Slavic countries (from Tchaikovsky and Chopin, traditional songs to popular melodies, such as the ones written by the legendary Alpine polka and walz composer - Slavko Avsenik).

The public quickly demanded to listen to the live performance, and here is where the story really began...

CD Cover - Slavic Soul (2006)

CD Cover - Slavic Soul (2006)

Concert in Belgrade

Concert in Belgrade

Manca Izmajlova graduated from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London, UK and studied opera singing at the Academic Music College Tchaikovsky in Moscow, Russia. It was there she recorded her first symphonic albums "Slavic Soul" and "Slovene Heart". Slovene Heart was the official present of the Slovenian Government during the presidency to the EU in 2008. 

At home in Slovenia Manca Izmajlova is one of the most saught after artists. She even had her own TV show on National TV. 
Some of her most splendid concerts include The Slavic Soul Tour with symphonic orchestra and choir which saw sold out halls in Ljubljana (Cankar Hall), Belgrade (Sava Centre), Moscow (Grand Hall of the Moscow Philharmonic Society) and others - most recently Cairo (Cairo Opera House) and a double concert in Armenia. Manca Izmajlova loves to cross genres and to sing in duets, as she has done with the Italian rock star Francesco Renga.


In 2016 Manca Izmajlova released a new album, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of her homeland Slovenia – "Songs of My Home". A collection of most significant songs from Slovenia, recorded with Russian State Symphony Cinema Orchestra and Chamber Choir AVE. The album was premiered at the 42nd Ljubljana Festival. 
She is currently in the process of recording her 5th studio album - a selection of famous Russian songs from the 20th century in new orchestrations.  The project, supported by the largest Russian non-govermental cultural institution "Russkiy mir" is due to be released in June 2018 

With her devotion to bring beauty to people’s lives Manca Izmajlova is constantly reaching out to other cultures. That way her repertoire includes songs in 25 languages already.
In 2008 Manca and her husband Benjamin Izmajlov (violinist, composer, conductor, producer) were awarded the special medal for inter-cultural relations from the Russian Orthodox Church “Cyrill and Methodius”. Through the years they both recieved countless letters of gratitude from highest state representatives.

Grand Hall of the Moscow Philharmonic Society

Grand Hall of the Moscow Philharmonic Society

Manca Izmajlova’s repertoire encompasses almost every genre written for the voice. Although being a foreigner, Manca Izmajlova received the first award at a singing competition, dedicated to 100th anniversary of birth of composer V. Solovev-Sedoy (the author of famous "Moscow Nigts"), where more than 2000 singers took part. 

Contrary to her numerous successes, Manca Izmajlova remains down to earth and above all - a loving mother of two daughters. Everything she does, she does with her heart! 

Manca Izmajlova is a brand ambassador of the Viennese jewelry house FREYWILLE.

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