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I’ve been dreaming about recording this special album for years. A collection of some of the most beautiful Russian songs from the past century, comprised of old romances, songs from movies, popular songs from the 60’s and 70’s… Every single one is a masterpiece! 

The orchestrations are all new and sound fantastic and epic. They are written by the great musician and music producer, my soul mate Benjamin Izmajlov. His ancestors left Russia exactly a hundred years ago and he is putting all his knowledge and heart into this album! 

»Russian State Symphony Cinema Orchestra«, conducted by the legendary Maestro Sergei Skripka was recorded in one of the best studios in the world: MOSFILM Studios in Moscow. The sound engineer was Maria Sobeleva who among other works for Deutsche Grammophon and made the orchestra recording sound incredible! I will be recording the songs on vintage microphones from 1950’s (same as Adele or Barbra Streisand use). They give magic to my voice. You will hear it live, if you come with me to the best studio on the Adriatic coast. The project will then be mixed in Moscow and the mastering done in the USA by the world-famous mastering engineer Vlado Meller. 

The PledgeMusic crowdfunding community is the best thing for an artist with big dreams! They can come true by involving you, dear Audience. Do you want to become part of the ceration of this beautiful Music? 

By supporting the recording of my album, you will gain access to exclusive updates from me and the team, collectables, items or experiences listed below. I hope you like them! 

Last but not least: A special Limited Edition of the album is available only to pledgers here with the English & Russian version of my most viewed song on YouTube “Those Were the Days My Friend”. 
The songs will have English translations in the CD booklet. 
Also available only in this campaign: an unreleased DVD of songs from my “The Slavic Soul Tour”, recorded in HD. 

Thank you for visiting my PledgeMusic page and thank you for your kind support! 

Manca Izmajlova


1. Fragrant Bunches of White Acacia / Белой акации гроздья душистые / Dišeči grozdi belih akacij

2. Somewhere Far Away / Где-то далеко / Nekje tam daleč

3. The Echo of Love / Эхо любви / Odmev ljubezni

4. How Young We Were / Как молоды мы были / Kako mladi smo bili

5. But I Like Him / А он мне нравится / Ampak on mi je všeč

6. Just Once Each Year the Gardens Blossom / Один раз в год сады цветут / Samo enkrat v letu cvetijo vrtovi

7. The Dark Night / Темная ночь / Temna noč

8. Don’t Worry Yourself / Не тревожь ты себя, не тревожь / Ne skrbi, ne skrbi

9. Stars in the Sky / Звезды на небе / Zvezde na nebu

10. Hope / Надежда / Upanje

11. Tenderness / Нежность / Nežnost

12. Wait for me / Жди меня / Čakaj me